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Chiropractic Care in Visalia, CA

Pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility can lead to you feeling so bad you struggle at work and at home in relationships with family and friends. At Community Chiropractic Group, we help you find the relief you’ve always wanted and gain health and vitality.

You may not realize how much a seemingly minor problem can impact your life. It’s easy to get used to something that actually limits your everyday experience. After evaluation and adjustments at Community Chiropractic Group, by Dr. Thomas or Dr. Lopez, most patients are shocked at the relief they achieve. Often they experience immediate results.

Validated scientific research and principals of healthy living inform our doctors, who take a patient-centered approach to patient chiropractic care in our office in Visalia, CA. They evaluate the treatment care needs for each individual patient and create specific treatment plans, whether short term or over a period of time. Often with one appointment, you can find out why so many people turn to us to feel good and get on the road to good health.

Supporting Life-Long Spine Health

Our services can be for acute issues. And we also focus on long-term wellness. That means providing treatment for today, but it also means giving you the care you need to stay healthy tomorrow. Regular visits may reduce your risk for injury and avoid the onset of pain, stiffness, and poor function in the future. Experience the difference by scheduling your first appointment today. Call 559- 627-1710 today in order to see our Doctors of Chiropractic.