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Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Treatment in Visalia, CA

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Symptom Relief of Pain and Other Discomfort

Life Style & Stress Management Treatment

Restoration of Health and Function

By Allowing the Body to Heal Itself

We welcome infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, as well as seniors. We treat pregnant and nursing moms.

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Live a Pain-Free Life with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a drugless and noninvasive form of health care that actively promotes good health. Being a holistic practice, chiropractic care involves examining a patient's entire body and lifestyle. When our chiropractor offers you treatment,  he addresses the cause of your physical problem, not just the symptoms. Furthermore, our doctor examines and modifies lifestyle factors that may affect your physical problem, including your diet, posture, and physical activities, in order to hasten recovery and prevent recurrence. 

A Few of the Conditions Treated

Dr.  John E. Thomas treats a wide range of  conditions relating to back injury. In addition to providing gentle specific spinal decompression chiropractic treatment for work and sports injuries, and auto accident injuries, whiplash, traumatic injuries, repetitive strain injuries and chronic pain, our doctor treats the following:

Neck Pain | Back Pain | Low Back Pain |Arm Pain|Leg Pain | Knee Pain | Sacroiliac Pain | Sacrum Pain| Headaches Muscle Pain| Muscle Stiffness| Muscle Tension | Numbness in the Arms, Legs, Hands, and Feet | Sprains and Strains | Sacral Occipital Problems | Extremity Problems | Disc Problems (including Herniated Discs) | TMJ | Osteoarthritis | Fibromyalgia | sciatica.

Procedures Performed

Get treatments that are appropriate for your specific condition. Our doctor is is trained and uses multiple different gentle specific chiropractic spinal manipulation techniques, including Gonstead, Sacro-Occipital, Diversified Techniques and Palmer-Specific. He also uses the the Gentle Activator for infants, some seniors, trauma patients and those who are uncomfortable with the joint sounds that occur during an adjustment.  Other physical therapy procedures our office uses are: 

 Myofascial Release (Muscle Spasm and Muscle Tension Release) | Inter segmental Traction for Spine | Water Massage Therapy |Message Tables for Neck and Spine| TENS |Ultrasound |Electrical Stimulation.

Working with Your Other Doctors

Dr. Thomas will refer you to other specialists when necessary. He has set up his records department with the newest in electronic record keeping so that he may easily send your records to your other physicians when needed or requested.

Shoulder Pain, Visalia, CA

Auxiliary Services

For your convenience, imaging services are available next door. We provide referrals for xray and  MRI. In addition, we have a Physical Therapy Department at our clinic.

Insurance Information and Payment Options

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, choose Dr. Thomas as a participating or preferred provider. We assist new patients in determining their insurance coverage. Patients with limited or no insurance coverage like our clinic's low cost fee plans. They are flexible and affordable payment options. Cash, check, debit cards and credit cards are accepted for payments and copayments. Our office makes it easy for you. We gladly bill your insurance company. Patients with MediCal are seen by Dr. Thomas at Tipton or Pixley Medical Clinics.